Start smiling today because with IMB’s Freedom Account, you can have more money in your pocket - every month. We’re here to help you make the best decisions in regards to your personal finances


The IMB Freedom Account shields you from debit orders. Many South Africans have, debit orders run on their account the minute they are paid, leaving them surviveshort for the month. The IMB Freedom Account protects your money.


With the IMB Freedom Account, you have access to our team of consultants who specialize in reducing your current monthly installments.Our consultants & lawyers have standing arrangements with over 200 creditors so that we can put more money in your pocket from Month 1.


As an IMB Freedom Account holder, you will automatically be enrolled as a 55 x 12 Discount Club member. 55 x 12 members able to access discounts at retail locations across South Africa.

Your financial freedom starts today

Find out why the IMB Freedom Account will work for you

We have designed an account that puts more money in your pocket - every month! IMB's Freedom Account is designed to let you sit back, relax and start enjoying your life again! Find financial freedom on your own terms and look forward to savings with 64 x 13
11 million South Africans are over-indebted meaning they haven’t paid back a creditor in over three months.
The Freedom Account gives you access to a team of lawyers who have standing arrangements with over 200 creditors to reduce your monthly instalments from the first month.
All Freedom Account holders are automatically given access to the 64 x 13 program which entitles them to reduced airfares, bus tickets, car hire, movies, clothes & much, much more.
This is not Debt Counselling or Debt Review.

Get Up to 50% back on Repayments

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