Send Money Home in 2 simple steps:

Step 1) Register and add a beneficiary

Contact us for directions to your nearest IMB Service Centre and become an IMB customer today! Alternatively, leave us your details here and we will put you in touch with your nearest agent.
Register to become an IMB Account Holder.

There are two ways that existing customers can register to send money home:

Option 1) Ask Us

Contact IMB Customer Support (Call: 087 941 3252, Whatsapp: 078993 4703, email:, Facebook Messenger: IMB Financial Services) & inform them that you would like to register to Send Money Home.
Please have the details of the person/s who will be receiving the money outside of South Africa as you will need to add them as a beneficiary.

Option 2) Do It Yourself Online

Step 1: Login to “Personal Login” from
Step 2: Select the “Options” Menu & choose “Services”.
Step 3: Click on “Send Money Home” Button
Step 4: Registration Logged
Step 5: IMB Customer Support will contact you if we need any additional information, otherwise your request will be logged successfully.
Step 6: Select the ‘Send Money’ Menu & choose ‘Add Beneficiary’.
Step 7: Fill in the relevant fields:

Beneficiary title: The full Name & Surname of the person receiving the money.
Country: Choose the country the recipient is in.
Mobile Number: The mobile number of the person receiving the money.
First Name: The First Name of the person receiving the money.
Surname: The Surname of the person receiving the money.
Wallet Provider: *The recipient must have an eWallet issued by the company from the list in order to receive the funds.

Click "Save"

Step 2) Send Money Home

Once you have registered to send money home and added your friends and family outside of South Africa as beneficiaries, you can easily make payments online or from your phone.

Step 1: Dial *120*46237# from your phone
Step 2: Enter your IMB mobile pin
Step 3: Press 3 then Reply for “Send Money Home”
Step 4: Choose your beneficiary by selecting the number and then reply
Step 5: Enter the amount you want to send in US DOLLARS and then reply
Step 6: Choose 1 and reply to accept the quote or choose 8 to go back.
Step 7: Once you click Confirm, the money will be sent!
Step 1: Login to “Personal Login” from
Step 2: Select the ‘Send Money’ Menu & choose ‘Send Money Home’
Step 3: Select the person you want to pay by clicking on their name.
Step 4: Choose the “Pay Beneficiary” button (under their details).
Step 5: Get a quote by choosing the ‘Send Amount’ & ‘Disbursement Type’ and clicking the ‘Submit Button’.
Step 6: Confirm, Change or Discard the Quote
Step 7: Once you click Confirm, the money will be sent!


Any Questions?

I am not an IMB Customer, can I send money home?
No, this service is currently available to IMB Account holders only.
How do I become an IMB customer?
Give us your details here and we will contact you.
Where can I send money?
Currently, our customers can send money to Zimbabwe. We will be adding more countries shortly, so please watch this space and our Facebook Page for announcements.
How do my friends and family receive the money?
In Zimbabwe, beneficiaries (recipients) receive the money straight into their Ecocash Wallet electronically. It is very important your friends and family have an Ecocash Wallet already otherwise the payment will be delayed. More information for other countries will be listed soon:
How long does it take?
It is a real-time payment, which means it is nearly instant.
How much does it cost?
The fee will be 4.5% of the total value sent (LAUNCH OFFER UNTIL CHRISTMAS) with a minimum fee of US$2.50.
What is the Exchange Rate?
The exchange rate will change as per international buy & sell rates.
What are my limits?
Minimum Transfer: US$10.00
Maximum Transfer: R2,999,99 per day or R9,999.99 per calendar month.
What do I need to do to Send Money Home?
Register and Add a Beneficiary (links)
Please fill in the form below