How will I benefit?
- More money in your pocket, each month. On average, we reduce your monthly installments by 40%.

- No more unwanted or fraudulent Debit Orders taking money from your account.

- A dedicated team to handle all of your creditor calls/texts/letters. In other words, “don’t speak to me, speak to my lawyer”.

- Get rewarded in cash for being debt free.
What do I need to apply?
- A copy of your ID Book.

- A copy of your payslip (not more than 3 months old)

- Last 3 bank statements.
Will it work for me?
If you have any of the following, we can ensure you have more money every month. - Overdraft - Credit Cards - Store accounts   - Personal Loans               - Payday Loans
Will I be Blacklisted?
No. In fact, with IMB Freedom Account your credit score will improve as you will be making smaller, regular repayments to your creditor. We do not issue court orders.
Is it confidential?
Yes. The relationship is between IMB & our clients – we are legally bound to keep that information confidential (even from your Employer).
What happens if I have an emergency that I haven’t budgeted for?
We will work with you cover any unexpected expenses (such as Doctor’s bills, a service for your car or unplanned travel) without the need for more loans or additional credit.
Is it Debt Counselling OR Debt Review?
Is it Debt Consolidation?
What if I am already in Debt Review or Counselling?
If you are currently in Debt Review (or under Debt Counselling or Sequestrated) you are already undertaking steps to help get your financial wellness back. This means that we cannot help you.
Can you reduce my home & car repayments?
Unfortunately not. As both your home & car are secured loans, it means we cannot reduce those repayments. However, if you are struggling to repay your home and/or your car, we can still help by reducing other repayments.
Is it safe?
Absolutely. IMB is an accredited financial service provider & we only deal accredited legal firms on your behalf.

IMB’s Freedom Account (which prevents Debit Orders) is issued & secured by Standard Bank and remains protected by the same laws. Your IMB MasterCard is backed by MasterCard, one of the leading card payment companies in the world & provides access to hundreds of thousands of retailers and ATM’s around the globe.  

IMB Financial Services is a registered financial services provider, FSP Number 43443. For further information, visit OR
Do I have to change banks?
Yes. In order for the process to work properly, we need to ensure that no unwanted debit orders are coming off your account.
Is there an assessment fee?
No. There is no cost to apply for our service.
How much does it cost?
The IMB Freedom Account is R69 per month & additional admin fees will apply based on your personal situation. However, we will only take you on as a client if we can ensure you will have more money, every month.

This means the admin fee is deducted from the amount we save (or as we prefer to think of it – its almost as if your creditors are paying our fee).

For example, if your total repayments are R2000 per month, and we reduce them to R1200 (including our fee of R120), you will still have R800 more each month.

Your 1st Reduced Instalment is our Admin fee & does not get paid to creditors, however, as soon as we receive the fee, we inform your creditors that we represent you and they need to deal with us moving forward and they can expect payment the next calendar month. From Month 2, there is a 10% handling fee.
Is there a contract or cancellation fee?
There are no contracts or cancellation fees. We work with you on a month-to- month basis. Should you wish to cancel the service, you can do so at any time.
How long will it be before I am debt free?
It really does depend on your situation but the average is 18-24months.