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IMB Card Terms and Conditions

Debit Card Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

1. Introduction

1.1. These Terms are binding between you and us.

1.2. By signing this Card, you confirm that you have read and understood and agree to these Terms.

1.3. Important clauses, which may limit our responsibility or involve some risk for you, will be in bold and italics or highlighted and bold. You must pay special attention to these clauses.

2. Definitions
We have defined some words for consistency. These words will begin with a capital letter where indicated. Singular words include the plural and the other way round.

ATM An Automated Teller Machine

Card A pre-paid card provided to you by the Card Provider

Card Provider Your employer who provides the card to you

FICA Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 as amended from time to time and including subordinate legislation

PIN An individualised Personal Identification Number

Standard Bank of South Africa The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (registration number 1962/000738/06) and its successors

You, Your The person receiving a Card from the Card Provider


3. The Card

3.1. The card Provider will activate your card by depositing a Rand amount onto it.

3.2. The card Provider may reload your Card at any time before the expiry of the Card.

3.3. Sign your card in ink as soon as you receive it in the space provided on the back of the Card.

3.4. Only the person who has signed the Card will be able to use it.

3.5. You can only use your Card in the Republic of South Africa.

3.6. You will get a Card pack from the Prepaid Card Provider containing your card and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not accept an open Card pack.

3.7. You must either memorise your PIN or keep a record of it in a safe place, separate from your Card. Do not tell anyone your PIN.

3.8. We will not send you any correspondence or statements for your Card. You may request a statement from the Card Provider.

3.9. We will always be the owner of the Card.

3.10 You are responsible for keeping your Card safe. If your Card is damaged, lost or copied we will not be liable for any losses you suffer before you report it lost.


  1. FICA

4.1. Before a Card Provider provides you with a Card, you must give certain information to the Card Provider to comply with FICA. The Card Provider must then give this information to us.

4.2. The Card Provider must verify the information with the documents, which you must provide to them. The Card Provider will give all the information it receives from you, to us

4.3. IF:

4.3.1. You, or the Card Provider do not provide the information which we need from you in terms of FICA; or

4.3.2. We suspect that your Card is no longer compliant with FICA: we may prevent transactions from being initiated or processed, until your Card is fully compliant with FICA.

5. Deposits

5.1. The card Provider will load your Card with a Rand amount

5.2. The Card Provider may load Card at any time, but the balance available on your Card may never be more than R25000

5.3. The maximum deposit to a Card per day is R5000 and in a calendar month is R25000


6. Purchases and ATM withdrawals

6.1. You can use your Card to pay for goods and services at suppliers who accept the Card.

6.2. You can request Cash Back (cash withdrawal) when you make a purchase at participating retailers. You will not be able to request Cash Back without making a purchase.

6.3. You cannot use the Card to purchase goods and services over the telephone or internet, pay toll fees or at self-service terminals.

6.4. You can make cash withdrawals at the ATM

6.5. When you use your card to pay for goods and services or to make a cash withdrawal at an ATM you will need to enter your PIN.

6.6. If you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times in a row all further transactions will be denied, your Card will be blocked and you must ask the Card Provider for another Card.

6.7. When you use your Card, we will process each transaction against your available Card Balance. You will be able to use your Card until there is no money left on your Card.

6.8. We will authorise all transaction against money available on your Card.

6.9. Merchants are responsible for their transactions and they are separate from Standard Bank. Standard Bank is not responsible if a merchant does not accept your Card or if you have complaints about goods or services which you bought with your Card.

6.10. We are not responsible for any loss arising from any failure, malfunction of electronic facilities or delay in point- of-sale device or our supporting or shared networks, where applicable, resulting from circumstances beyond our control.

6.11. No warranties, purchase protection, insurance, other promises or service are provided.

6.12. Once you have bought something using your Card, you cannot stop payment for the transaction.

6.13. You must keep track of the transactions on your Card to ensure that you do not exceed the Card balance.


7. Fees and interest

7.1. The card will be subject to a purchase and monthly administration fee.

7.2. You must pay a fee when you withdraw cash at an ATM.

7.3. You must pay a fee for all the purchases with Cash Back.

7.4. We will deduct the fees you must pay from the balance from your card, there must be enough money on your Card to cover the amount you need plus the fee, or otherwise we will not process the transaction.

7.5. You will not earn interest on money on the card.


8. Expiry of your Card

8.1. The date when a Card expires is printed on the front of each Card.

8.2. You may no longer use your Card when it expires

8.3. If there is a credit balance on a Card when it expires you must contact us to claim any money that was available on the Card when it expired.


9. Lost or stolen Card

9.1. You must keep your Card and PIN safe. It is the same as having cash in your pocket.

9.2. If you lose your Card or it is stolen and somebody uses it, you will lose all the money in your Card.

9.3. You must let us know immediately if your Card is lost or stolen or if somebody else found out what your PIN is. We will cancel the Card as soon as we can once you let us know.

9.4. You will be responsible for all payments made with the Card before we cancel the Card.


10. Cancellation of your Card by us

10.1. We may cancel or restrict activity on a Card by written notice to you and the Cardholder. But, we need not give you and the Card Holder notice in the following circumstances and may cancel or restrict activity on your Card immediately if:

10.1.1. We believe or suspect it is being used negligently or unlawfully

10.1.2. We suspect that you are involved in any illegal or terrorist activities; or

10.1.3. We must do this for legal reasons in which case you must contact us to claim any money that was available on the Card when it was cancelled