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IMB Legal Eagle Terms and Conditions

MaxLaw’s Legal Eagle service provides members with professional telephonic legal advice from qualified attorneys and legal consultants.



– Our network of lawyers is updated on a continuous basis to ensure that our members are always in capable hands. This is in line with our philosophy of providing a dynamic and efficient service.

– All our lawyers have more than 5 years practical experience and include many senior practitioners.

– Legal assistance is provided in the most prominent official languages.


The service comprises:



Members and their immediate family have on-going access to a legal advisory service on many aspects of the law such as Labour matters, Personal injury claims, matrimonial matters, credit legal matters, administrative matters, criminal proceedings, civil matters and property law. The member and his immediate family is entitled to utilise the advice service as frequently as required, provided that the assistance shall be furnished to the member directly and only on legal matters pertaining to the member and in his or her personal capacity.



If a member requires a standard purchase/sale, lease agreement of immovable property power of attorney or a last Will and Testament, we will provide these free at his or her request. The member will also be advised on the application of each of these documents and the procedures and principles that apply.



This service involves a free initial 30-minute consultation to the member regarding their specific legal query or situation. This consultation could put the member in a position to resolve the matter without further legal action. If the member requires representation for further legal action then Maxlaw will refer the member to a lawyer who forms part of our national network. The member can then decide whether or not to continue with that specific lawyer’s services at a fee structure agreed to between himself and the lawyer. Such fees will be for the member’s account. The free 30-minute consultation service is available telephonically or at a Maxlaw branch closest to where the member resides. This consultation facility is limited to one consultation per matter.



Maxlaw may be appointed as the executor of the Members estate. Deceased estates will be administered by qualified attorneys of Maxlaw.



5.1. This is not a short term insurance product and the legal consultation service is available to the Member and his/her immediate family but only on legal matters pertaining to the subscriber personally.

5.2. Immediate family means the principal member’s spouse/partner and their biological and legally adopted dependent and unmarried children up to age 21 and bona fide students up to 25.

5.3. Legal advice is provided on the following matters:

5.3.1. Criminal matter such as: Drunken & Reckless & Negligent driving or driving without a driver’s licence, Culpable Homicide as a result of an accident, Criminal proceedings – Bail applications, parole matters, traffic fine liabilities, Unlawful arrest by SAPS and Metro Police

5.3.2. Labour matters – CCMA matters, unpaid wages, dismissals/Retrenchments, Disciplinary proceedings

5.3.3. Matrimonial matters – Child support, uncontested divorce advice

5.3.4. Civil Matters – Contractual disputes and damages

5.3.5. Personal injury claims – Road accident fund advice, medical negligence

5.3.6. Administrative matters – Will and testaments, Estate planning

5.3.7. Property law – Purchases, rental agreements

5.3.8. Credit Legal matters

Maxlaw reserves the right to outsource the legal advisory service to a competent company that they in their sole discretion deem fit.



The following matters are without limitation thereto NOT covered under Legal Eagle membership:

6.1. Political matters, any matter wherein the relevant facts occurred before the date of membership registration or within 30 days after membership registration, serious offences including murder, rape, robbery, sexual or physical abuse of children, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, dealing in narcotic drugs, kidnapping, bribery, extortion, blackmail, corruption, housebreaking, breaking and entering, theft and fraud, or any attempt to commit any such serious crimes.



Subscription to the Legal Eagle service is paid by the member for as long as the membership remains active and subscription payments are received by Maxlaw. If any subscription payment is not received by Maxlaw on the due date thereof, this benefit shall lapse and shall be subject to reinstatement at the sole discretion of Maxlaw. The service is offered conditional to a member paying their fees timeously., If the Member’s subscription, in whole or in part, is in arrears, then no service shall be available to this Member.