IMB grants you independence and agility, not only in financial matters, but also in your personal life by achieving new heights.

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IMB is a financial technology firm committed to changing lives and helping you achieve an overall better quality of life.

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We believe in uplifting South Africans with stake in this country’s economic future: consumers, employers and small to medium-sized enterprises.

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At IMB we believe Entrepreneurship is the way forward; thus we not only encourage entrepreneurship but also help you become your own boss.

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Yolanda - South African

This is Yolanda’s story of how IMB changed her life and saved her from debt. After joining IMB, she has become liberated from her trouble and now has her financial freedom – all thanks to IMB.

Since IMB first came to market with our bespoke financial services, we have successfully handled R3-billion worth of transactions. Our clients come from all walks of life and our products and services are tailor-made to suit needs all individuals. We treat each client as though they are our only client, and we are fully invested in seeing financial freedom come to fruition in their lives.

As can be seen in the case of Yolanda, our clients are given the chance of a much more stable lifestyle, being able to proclaim - with a smile - that financial uncertainty is a thing of the past.

Along with the structure and stability granted by IMB, the final and most important thing we strive for is providing happiness to our clients. Seeing customers as happy as Yolanda is what we achieve to attain in our daily proceedings.