Your Money Matters

IMB Financial Services continues to be inspired by all of the people in South Africa. This ethnically diverse country has a large number of economically vulnerable neighborhoods that still manage to thrive due to the many informal businesses that serve the community. Keeping money safely is one of the biggest challenges those in the informal economy face and you don’t have to look far to find stories of people who have lost everything.

Access to IMB’s services is the first step toward financial inclusion for these neighbourhoods since it allows people to store money safely, send and receive payments and provides a gateway to other financial services. The World Bank considers financial inclusion a key enabler to reduce extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity, enabling 7 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At IMB, we believe that one of the biggest opportunities of this era lies in bringing innovation to unserved financial markets by leveraging technology to provide transactional services to these neighbourhoods and, using the same technology, to allow previously untapped human capital to build a sustainable business through the provision of IMB services.

Our belief is that every community has a number of natural entrepreneurs that given the right resources, can create self-sufficient businesses that benefit themselves, their families, and their community, wherever they may be. IMB closes the loop and empowers entrepreneurs from these neighbourhoods, with no prior skills or experience, to ensure that their communities benefit from financial inclusion.