You have a new IMB Personal Account number:

  • You need to provide your employer with your new IMB Personal Account number immediately, to ensure that there are no delays with future payments.
  • You have been automatically upgraded to your new IMB Personal Account.
  • Your monthly fee remains the same.
  • You qualify for a secondary debit card (coming soon).

Access your new IMB Personal Account number via secure channels only:

  • When logged into the mobile app.
  • When logged into your online profile.
  • Through Customer Support, after a security check.

No more funds allocation delays:

  • Use any reference number with your new IMB Personal Account. Reference depends on payer’s discretion.
  • You don’t need to inform and remind your employer to use your mobile number as a reference.
  • Incorrect references will no longer result in funds allocation delays.

Exciting changes with our new banking partner:

  • IMB Personal Account number:
    You get your own new IMB Personal Account number.
  • Branded IMB Debit Card:
    Upgrade to your new IMB card, as soon as your IMB Personal Account is active.
  • No debit orders:
    You have full control of your money.
  • Secondary Debit Card (coming soon)*.

Benefits of your new IMB Personal Account:

  • Monthly fee remains unchanged.
  • Keep your money safe.
  • Free debit card swipes.
  • Receive transfers from any SA bank directly into your IMB Personal Account.
  • Transact with your mobile device.
  • Easy, 24-hour access to your account balances.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Access to other products.


  • IMB will never send you a link to access your new IMB Personal Account details. Always type the URL,, into your browser when you want to access your account online.
  • IMB will only provide you with your new IMB Personal Account details via secure channels, after your identity has been authenticated. (When logged into your online profile, the mobile app or after completing a security check with a Customer Support Agent).
  • If you have any doubt about your new details, contact Customer Support on 087 941 3252.